Colombian girl NickySummer’s perfect ass for lap-dance shows

NickySummer is a freaky 22 year old Colombian girl that will blow your mind. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Colombian women but I never imagined those chicks can be this hot. Nicky has really marvelous pair of juicy big tits that will please fans of girls with big breasts. Her adorable curvy body will leave you breathless.


Every real man loves curves on a passionate woman, that’s the best combination for sure, and these South American honeys have something really wild in them. Baby has some beautiful stars tattooed on her back, another nice feature of this total porn goddess. So if you’re into tattooed freaky chicks, this is another plus.


What can I say about her beautiful ass, such adorable big round butt you surely don’t see often these days. That soft booty will excite you from the moment you lay your eyes on those two marvelous butt cheeks that go up and down when she walks. And the most important part, that beautiful face, amazing black eyes, and her gorgeous black hair, nice dark eyebrows makes this girl a perfect stripper who just can’t wait to get it started. It’s really incredible to see such all-around perfect girl like NickySummer doing lapdances and sexy close ups while she dances by sexy music playing in the background. She’s has 4.56 rating but in my opinion she should be rated with 5.0 because she’s totally perfect, once you join her live strip show you’ll see what I mean.


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nickysummer's big ass

To get into that tight ass hole or that sweet pussy is a probably dream of every horny guy. Her ass is so stunning, but really you can’t say what’s best on this glorious chick: butt, tits, hot legs, amazing face. She’s a total porn goddess and should be worshiped like that. One thing is for sure, you definitely need to check out this gorgeous Colombian lady because maybe there are a lot of beautiful South American ladies, no one can deny that, but only a few girls can stand in line with sizzling hot darling Nicky Summer.

Written by Lizzy