How to recognize imitation of an orgasm?

Many of you, often asked a question: but whether your darling in a bed arranges solo performance? Yes, perhaps, you trust the girl as yourself, but the similar thought will sometimes flash. So, how it is possible if not for certain then approximately to define whether the woman feigns an orgasm or not? In this article we tried to reveal the most frequent methods to which women resort, and we will try to light them.

First, watch her face. More precisely, behind eyes. An orgasm – rather stressful situation for any organism therefore as it is proved by scientists, the woman cannot reach the highest degree of pleasure at least for several seconds without having covered eyes.

Secondly, besides, watch her face. The fact is that during the real orgasm the woman is not able to control muscles including front. Therefore, most often, during an orgasm her face will represent anything, but only not the highest degree of pleasure. If you see the last – be sure, you are deceived. Well, or you not quite tried …

orgasm women

Thirdly, during an orgasm, both men and women, in a brain the giving by oxygen blood stops. As a result: rhythmical reductions of muscles of a vagina, uterus and also a press, oblique muscles of a stomach, and at the most sensitive persons begin, also legs sometimes begin to twitch. If reduction of muscles of a stomach and legs can be feigned, then here to represent reduction of muscles of a vagina it is rather problematic. The thing is that these reductions happen to amplitude about 2 times in a second. Watch orgasms in real time at where couples having sex and streaming it all in real time. Fake orgasms can be spotted and real too, because there are real couples who have sex with passion and their orgams are real. Agree, here you will not deceive!

Fourthly, until the orgasm of the woman comes to an end, she will NEVER interrupt contact with the subject giving her pleasure (a penis, a hand, the vibrator …). Only then, several seconds later, she can begin to be discharged as the subsequent stimulation becomes quite painful.

Fifthly, if sex ended with the real orgasm, then the woman these minutes is very quiet and relaxed, almost falls asleep. It is connected, besides, with short-term oxygen starvation of a brain. And here if the woman of a due discharge did not receive, then she will try to make up for lost time is already the nature.

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Well and, at last, in – the last, during an orgasm the tachycardia is observed that again it is connected with short-term oxygen starvation, heart tries to pump over as much as possible blood to the brain. If this sign is not observed – be sure that before you the Great Actress.

It’s the matter of taste to be proud of it or after all to take offense because a bed – the place for two and there is no space for lies.

Written by Lizzy